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I say this with love and understanding and I say this to everyone who's ever had troubles with love...why do you submit to negativity in your lives caused by the ones you love?

It's one thing for a blood relative to do you wrong. Come on now. No big shocker there. Family is supposed to disappoint. I'm not saying it's allowed or that it's ok just expected.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Get off your high horse, Canoistic Fury!"

Please I don't mean to sound that way! it's not my fault!!!!

My mother put up with years of abuse from my grandmother to my father. After she finally saw a way out of the fear she was the one who raised us all with the notion that no one should have the right to control you. IN ANY FUCKING WAY! Then again she vowed never again to love because it doesn't exist but that's what she believes in. lol

True, no one is perfect. And just because she taught us certain values and how to be strong doesn't mean we're perfect because we're all different like the fingers on our hands or our strands of hair. Mom was a single mother so to me she's my super hero. I take all her wisdom to heart. I'm aware. I wish I wasn't but I'm glad I am.

I loved someone too just like my mother did. Her love was an imbecile though. He decided after boning and telling her he loved her to blab to his family. They weren't so hot on the subject and said that if he didn't end it they would cut him off. He wanted to marry her but like the little shit he was he ran behind his mother's skirts and left my mother there high and dry with a baby in tow. Mom was a servant girl and he was rich. You get the picture.

Then when my mom finally got the chance to see what she was made of she did all she had to do to get rid of the negativity out of her life and do what she could for her family. Years later after she made peace with those who did her harm there was nothing left. Not meanness or coldness, just civility and knowing that nothing could break her spirit.

So ladies...it's not easy. I know it isn't. Love is tricky but don't waste a lifetime of wondering or wishing or putting up with BULLSHIT! ANNEMARIE! HE'S AN EX! HE'S MADE YOU CRY YET YOU HOLD ON TO HIM LIKE A BLANKET! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW CRAZY THAT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry. I'm way out of line. I'm in no position to pass judgement. I'm only trying to help, to prevent you all from going out of your minds, from pulling out your hair, from endless tearful nights. Why can't women be stronger? I'm not saying I'm strong. I've had my share of tears and who knows maybe I'll fall in love one day and it'll be the end of life as I know it who cares? It's what's to come, good bad, whatever. Move on. Free yourself.

Ugh i just don't get it...

God I hate women sometimes! :\