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I love you, you Swedish Bastard You!

I had odd and naughty dreams about Eric Northman these past two weeks. I don't know why but fuck that! I'm totally not complaining.

Not much on the brain as usual but my mood has definitely changed.

I'm not UNemployed lol XD. I can't shut up about it really. I tell everyone that I have a new job even though I blabbed it in other internet gatherings. I'm just so excited is all, not just because I'm going to get paid legitimatlely...BUT I WILL HAVE ENOUGH MONEY IN LIKE 3 OR SO MONTHS TO FINALLY MOVE THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!

Ain't life grand?

I'm training along with this other kid named Derrick. He's a cute white boy that reminds me of Eddie. The only exception is that he has blue eyes and Ed has hazel...I think...

He's nice and I hate that he types faster than I do. I don't like to be bested. But it's not like we're fighting for an internship or anything. We're both getting paid the same amount of money and leaving at the same exact time so no biggie. I can speak another language. All he can do is move his fingers wildly about. :p (I'm better. lol j/k)

At the moment I'm just training like I said with this kid. My typical morning consists of waking up around 5am-ish and leaving the house a little after 6:30am to catch the bus cos my dumbass can't drive yet. (I dunno how you people do it. It truly amazes me.) The bus takes me downtown and it usually arrives at 7am-ish, enough time to grab a doughnut or coffee and receive dirty looks from the bums and creepy crackheads. (I've only known one crackhead and he is the nicest person in the world. Love you Pablito!)

There I wait for the actual bus that takes me to work which leaves me almost half a mile away from the gate to get my daily badge. I sign it out and head for the caf that totally reminds me of Mercy College. Only there's old people gossiping instead of 18-26 yr olds. I sit alone because that's How I do, eat a little breakfast, get acquainted with the world news until it's actually time for me to go to my building. I listen to calls and write down info.
As a matter of fact I took my first two spanish calls today and it felt really good.

I know my morning is completely boring but I don't care. I'm the one getting paid. I'm the one super excited. lol

But I am. I know it's totally dorky but I'm really happy about this job. It's about damn time, I say. Oh and to make things even better: I got a hug today by the sweetest old lady. You can't beat optimism in the form of a sweet old lady dispensing hugs...

Today was entering week two and I'm still pretty upbeat about this. I'm so glad life is changing and I wish certain people would stop living in fucking clouds and illusions of themselves. Stop being a dick and work with what you got and if that doesn't help find something that will. But don't be a hater. For those of you that believe in Karma or that don't...if something's off or wrong in your life sulk as much as you can but always remember that you have to pick yourself up cos no one will do it for you. And that what comes around goes around.

Oh and before I go:

You know what really grinds my gears?
People who don't get it. IT can be anything but if you don't get it I don't want to be around you. You bother me and I want to smush your face. Like people who are with someone and fuck it up merely because they dub themselves a fuck up and then decided to fuck it up to the highest of "FUCKED". You know who you are and if you get angry or stank at me that's all on you. Just because you say you're one thing doesn't mean you really are and if you are you should have the common knowledge since you're so fucking gifted to be fucking decent.

In Iron Maiden we Pray.
Raise up your Fists.
Bang 'em up to the skies.
Up the Irons!